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Self Tech is a one-stop-shop for IT services that encompasses training, consulting, and staffing. Our journey started in 2018 with a vision to serve high quality IT solutions to customers. As part of our vision, we established 100% live online training for beginners as well as professionals looking to expand their skill sets. Since the beginning, we have been continuously progressing in delivering high quality and market demanding courses. We have established a good reputation as a trusted training academy World Wide. Our mission is to become the nation’s leading IT training provider, and staffing agency.

At Self Tech we are committed to supporting underrepresented communities in the technology field. We are taking initiatives to support Black Women in technology through our “Women in Tech” movement. We also respect the sacrifice and contribution of our Military Veterans and their families. Self Tech would like to make a difference in the technology field by helping underrepresented communities, such as our African Americans, LGBTQ+, Persons with Disabilities, and War Refugees.


Self Tech welcomes students from all diverse backgrounds and any part of the US to come to apply their talent to build their careers in technology in the rapidly growing field.

We open our hands to help those people who have a high aptitude for learning, passionate about the process and accept the challenge to take new initiatives.

We believe our candidates will be the best resource for any company and/or entrepreneurs in their own businesses. At Self Tech, we acknowledge and are in support of “Black Lives Matter” and fighting to stop police brutality and Injustice. Join us in the movement by donating today.

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